Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

Visit the online booking portal here, or send me an email at [email protected] to inquire about upcoming availability. As the booking portal is updated live, please note some times may not show online. If you’re looking for a time that is not available, feel free to send me an email.

Are you currently offering in-person sessions?

Yes! Please shoot me an email to book an in-person session. As the situation with COVID is constantly evolving, I will be following recommendations made by AHS, the College of Alberta Psychologists and the City of Calgary to ensure everyone’s safety. I will be following mask and social distancing mandates as recommended by the above and as enforced by the building. Hand sanitizers and contact papers are available throughout the facility. 

What are your hours?

All sessions are by appointment only. I offer weekday, weeknight, and weekend availability. See Booking Portal here, or send me an email if you’re looking for a time that is not available on the portal.

Do you offer free consults before bookings?

At this time, due to the limitations of confidentiality and in order to avoid breaches of confidentiality without informed consent, I do not. However, I am always happy to answer questions via email or a brief phone call prior to you booking an appointment. Your comfort is important to me, and you are never obligated to book or continue sessions if you are not satisfied.

Do you do direct billing?

At this time, I do not direct bill. I take direct payments and provide receipts. Please double-check your insurance plan’s coverage prior to booking an appointment if you plan on claiming it.

Do you do virtual or telephone sessions?

Yes! I offer both, and will continue to do so for as long as there is demand for them. I have many out-of-town clients, and those that prefer the comfort of their home. Once you book a video session, your appointment confirmation email contains a link to my Doxy.Me waiting room. If you choose a phone session, I give you a call at your preferred number at the time of the session.

Booking portal here.

Where are you located?

Suite 340 – 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW. There is free 2-hour parking available on the surface lot. The building requires plates to be registered. Registration portals can be found inside the main entrance. This location is also close to the Crowfoot LRT if you choose to take transit. The building is equipped with elevators for increased accessibility. Please see the map here.

What can I expect for my first appointment?

You will receive an online consent and intake form prior to the appointment, which is to be completed and submitted online. In the first session, I tend to review the consent form and answer any questions you may have about it. I then ask you about what made you seek therapy, what your concerns are, your own medical and mental health history and your goals. If I have sufficient information, I try to provide a brief treatment plan at the end of session. If not, we proceed to the second session if you like.

If you’ve book an in-person session, please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment as you will need to register your license plate at the entrance of the building to ensure your car is not ticketed. My office is located on the 3rd Floor at Suite 340, where reception will greet you during business hours. If your appointment is booked during non-business hours, please note that reception will not be present and the doors to the office will be locked. Please arrive at the suite and wait, or send me a text/email to notify me so I can receive you. For more information on location, click here.

What’s your cancellation policy?

I have a 48-Hour cancellation policy in effect. This means that I require 48 hours of notice to cancel or change an appointment. If less than 48 hours of notice is provided, or a session is missed, it is charged at the same rate as a full session. To avoid mishaps, I encourage everyone to sign up for 48-Hour reminders in their Intake Forms. For more information on fees, click here.