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How Accessible is Counselling in Calgary?

Accessibility and Calgary counselling services

When your mental capabilities begin to erode, whether brought on by a sudden event or if it had begun to emerge gradually, knowing you have professional resources to turn to for help can provide comfort and the tools you need to help you cope. Weathering any mental health difficulties alone can be highly challenging, exacerbating the situation when resources aren’t accessible to you. Thankfully, in different Canadian locations, mental health resources are available to the general public who need them. 

Find out how accessible Calgary counselling services are and what kind of resources are available to you, both provincially and financially. 

General counselling centre 

There are national and provincial counselling centres that you can contact, which will offer you contact listings for therapists, housing centres, life coaching, financial advisor, and numerous programs. Some of these general counselling services establish fees based on your income and can accommodate, where no one is turned away simply because they do not have the funds to afford counselling services or due to a waitlist. These centres can be found through simple search engine research or website, where you can glean information from them through phone number inquiries or content on their website. 

Addiction and mental health services

For matters of addiction and mental health, there are hotlines that can be reached for anyone suffering from addiction of various kinds, such as alcohol, drug, and gambling issues. These addiction helplines are at your disposal, and you can be assured that whatever is discussed will be completely confidential, and referrals to local services will be provided. 

Music therapy 

For an alternative method of therapy, music therapy in Calgary is available to those who want to reduce their stress through less clinical and psychologically conventional means. Music therapy has been found to be a great stress reliever for many people who feel varying levels of anxiety. More so, music therapy can reduce visceral feelings of grief and pain and induce happiness and other forms of elation. Communicative efforts will also be able to formulate through musical therapy and is a conducive tool to expressing and processing feelings. Although this type of therapy is openly available in different locations in Calgary, it can cost money, but many musical therapy services will be able to accommodate based on individual situations. 

24-hour services

No matter the services you ultimately choose to go to, many of them offer 24-hour emergency response times. Typically, these services are toll-free, and you will not be charged for any counselling you receive on the phone or in person. For instance, Distress Centre Calgary can be contacted at all hours of the day and will offer many different services to those who contact, like counselling. Up to six counselling sessions can be provided and depending on individual cases. 


Calgary counselling services are varied and accessible to many different people. Specific services will be able to help, and centres will factor in your income. These services tend to offer free initial counselling sessions with certified professionals or phone calls if an emergency is taking place. 

Elevate Psychology is driven to treat those in Calgary who most need empowering. Elevate Psychology is here to make you feel comfortable as you take a significant step in receiving help. Bringing a fresh perspective into the mental health field, Elevate Psychology tailored approach will provide you with coping mechanisms, communication skills, self-esteem, and many other concerns that can be worked on to better your wellbeing. With significant training and extensive educational background, Elevate Psychology’s founding psychologist is certified to utilize varying therapeutic approaches to benefit your healing journey. Don’t prolong your suffering, let Elevate Psychology help. 

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