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Signs You’re Suffering From an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety and your Calgary Psychologist 

Anxiety is a natural feeling that can emerge. Still, when you begin to experience onset anxiety more frequently than not, and it begins to interfere with your life, you might be suffering from more than just the occasional anxiety. Feelings of pure panic and relentless dread disrupt your day and activities you usually enjoy and can feel impossible to manage. Such feelings can cause you to avoid certain situations, places, and people and can begin to culminate in panic attacks. While it can be challenging to pinpoint when and where these anxieties started, they often begin to surface during adolescence. When you are suffering from anxiety that cannot be ignored or overlooked, you may require the assistance of a Calgary psychologist to manage symptoms effectively. 

Find out what symptoms you should look out for that may indicate signs that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. 

Constant worry and dread

One of the most prominent characteristics of anxiety is constant worry and a steadily increasing feeling of dread. These feelings come through as you often think of the worst-case scenario during any circumstance and excessive worry about something in particular to the point where you can no longer control it. While worry is a normal part of life, when you suffer from an anxiety disorder, the worry can become even more exaggerated pertaining to most situations. This worry from an anxiety disorder can eventually result in panic attacks. 

Physical changes

Anxiety disorders can cause frequent changes in emotions, but they can also bring about substantial changes to your physical health. When you suffer from anxiety, your flight-or-fight will surface, resulting in sudden physical changes such as nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, muscle tension, dizziness, and shortness of breath. More so, when you are suffering from a panic attack as those with anxiety disorders regularly do, you will begin to feel sweaty, sudden chest pain, tingliness in your hands and feet, and a racing heartbeat. 

Shifts in mood

Changes in mood will also signify an anxiety disorder and make you feel on edge, constantly fearful, fidgety, tense, impatient, and very fearful. These shifts in mood can come on suddenly and rapidly and can become more emphasized when you are suffering from a panic attack.

Cognitive changes

Just as you will experience uncomfortable shifts in your physical well-being and general mood, anxiety disorders can also cause cognitive changes that will be explicit. These changes will look like having sudden trouble concentrating on certain tasks, difficulty remembering important information, difficulty speaking clearly, frequent confusion, and an innate fear of losing control. 

Sleep and behaviour 

Fatigue is often associated with anxiety disorders, as it can be a struggle to stay asleep or fall asleep. A lack of sleep can further exacerbate the symptoms you might already be experiencing in an anxiety disorder and make behaviour changes even more apparent. Behavioural changes can include a complete avoidance of activities you normally do for fear that they can trigger your anxiety. You might also become more agitated and will seek out reassurance from those in your life in an attempt to reduce the intensity of anxiety symptoms.

Seeking help

If you are experiencing the symptoms described, you can seek help from your local Calgary psychologists, who can give you coping mechanisms to quell the symptoms. Getting help from a professional will become especially imperative when these symptoms interfere with your life and become uncontrollable. 

No one should have to suffer in silence and Elevate Psychology is here to make sure of that. Providing psychological and therapeutic expertise, Elevate Psychology wants to better the wellbeing of those struggling in Calgary. By offering a number of therapeutic approaches, Elevate Psychology  ensures that you can get help in a comfortable way that is tailored to your needs. We are dedicated to curating a space where you can adopt methods to improve your health.

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