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What Does a Teen Psychologist Do Differently?

What does a teen psychologist do differently than an adult psychologist?

Unbeknownst to some, the type of psychology you will receive varies depending on certain factors. These factors can include the type of mental condition you have, your preferred method of therapy and the one that is recommended for you, and your age. Adolescents receiving treatment from a child psychologist is incredibly important to address certain behavioural issues and disorders with more effective and appropriate approaches for children than adults. If psychological treatment is prolonged, the issue can exacerbate and cause further difficulties later. To ensure an adolescent is well socialized and communicative, and their ability to learn isn’t hindered, a psychologist for their age range is essential. 

Determine the difference between a teen psychologist and a psychologist that helps adults, what the differences are, and how it’s beneficial for adolescents. 

Methods of therapy

The most common form of therapy amongst adults tends to be talk therapy, where two adults have a conversation about breaking behavioural patterns or past traumas. While adolescent therapy certainly includes a discussion about such topics, it also incorporates other aspects to open up a comfortable dialogue between the adolescent and their adult psychologists. This can include animal assistance, music, or art that will give adolescents and their psychologists a better understanding of themselves and their surroundings. 

Emotional processing techniques

Because a teenager’s brain isn’t fully developed, they will experience certain emotions much differently than a cognizant adult. Teenagers can find it challenging to articulate and emote how they’re feeling in an effective way; sometimes, these emotions can be relayed through behaviour. To help regulate emotions, adolescent psychologists can employ specific emotional processing techniques. They will help their young patients talk through these slew of emotional moments to resolve what they’re feeling. While adults can certainly be prone to outbursts of emotion, teenagers are going through puberty, and such emotions can seem even more unpredictable and confusing. Different techniques to talk through these emotions are usually required.

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Peer relationships

While peer relationships are meaningful at any age, they are essential for a teenager’s development. Peer relationships allow teenagers to experience maintaining a friendship while learning how to establish a relationship with a person, what healthy and unhealthy communication is, and how to end a friendship. When some teenagers have difficulties communicating with their peers due to general social anxieties, an adolescent psychologist can give them the tools they need to socialize with their peers and foster the relationships that mean the most to them.

Different stages of development

An adolescent psychologist can help a teenager adapt to the various stages of development they will eventually reach. From sexual and physical development to cognitive and emotional development, adolescent psychologists will be able to help teenagers navigate the various changes they will inevitably endure. Psychologists will give teenagers the tools and information they need to understand the changes in their brains and emotions that can feel quite abrupt and stark as a teenager. 

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